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NextStep website and MnSCN are winding down
The NextStep website and the Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network (MnSCN) are winding down and will no longer function after June 30, 2015. Until then, the website will be accessible, but existing web site content will not be updated nor will new resources or other new content be added to the site. Learn more.

Individual Choices Resources

Article  (show all in NextStep)
"The Death of Environmentalism"
Local Food in Minnesota
Urban Farming: Examples; Policy; Technical Guides
Walking and Biking in Minnesota
Book  (show all in NextStep)
Affordable Housing and Better Neighborhoods
Effective Environmental Choices
Worldchanging - at a Local Scale
Business  (show all in NextStep)
Twin Cities Free Market
Checklist  (show all in NextStep)
Community Sustainability Assessment Tool
Living Green Options and Newsletters
Database  (show all in NextStep)
Green Car Guide
Guide  (show all in NextStep)
Chinook Book: Local Coupons + Ideas for Living Well in the Twin Cities
Do It Green! Minnesota - annual 2009 Do It Green! Magazine now available
Local Comprehensive Planning and Sustainability
New Urbanism Best Practices Guide
The Princeton Review's Guide to 332 Green Colleges
Transportation Demand Management and Commuter Options in the Twin Cities
Guidelines  (show all in NextStep)
Habitation Patterns & Zoning Codes
Residential Green Construction
Sustainability Smarts - Best Practices for College Unions and Student Activities
Indicators  (show all in NextStep)
Sustainability Indicators in Minnesota and Beyond
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Home Power Magazine
Minnesota Conservation Volunteer Magazine
Manual/guide  (show all in NextStep)
Education for Sustainable Development Tool Kit
Organization  (show all in NextStep)
Division of Energy Resources, Minnesota Department of Commerce
Green Building Programs and Resources
Healthy Child Healthy World
Minnesota Design Team
Minnesota Rural Partners
North House Folk School
Slow Food, Slow Cities
Sustainable Agriculture Assistance - MN Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, and MOFIE
Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota
Principles  (show all in NextStep)
Prevention and its Importance
Ultimate Human Means and Ends
Product  (show all in NextStep)
Advanced Transportation Fuels & Vehicle Technologies
Greywater Reuse Systems
Program/project  (show all in NextStep)
Cities for Climate Protection in Minnesota
Clean Energy Resource Teams
Eco-Team Models for Sustainable Living
Minnesota GreenStar Certified Homes and Remodeling
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service - ATTRA
On-Demand Ridesharing
Take Back Your Time
Report/study  (show all in NextStep)
Chain Stores, Main Street Business & Local Economies
Recreational Carrying Capacity of Lakes
Third National Climate Assessment
Resource person  (show all in NextStep)
Ecological Assistance from the DNR
Web Site  (show all in NextStep)
Community Commons - Where you can find local farmers on the internet!
MPCA Green Building Website
SEEK: Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge
Shoreland management - 2 web sites with technical and educational resources for protecting lakes and rivers
Smart Growth Network
Telecommuting Resources
Water Conservation -
Workbook  (show all in NextStep)
Sustainable Lakes Planning Workbook