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Greywater Reuse Systems
Water from showers, sinks and washing machines can be reclaimed for reuse - where potable water isn't necessary - in irrigating landscapes and in supplying water for toilets.

Recreational Carrying Capacity of Lakes
Recreational carrying capacity on lakes can be defined as that threshold at which the number, type and manner of operating watercraft will adversely impact boater safety, user satisfaction, and ecologic sustainability of the lake, and was measured by a study of Wisconsin's Lake Ripley.

Residential Conservation Design Saves Money
A number of studies have shown that conservation design focusing on stormwater cuts development and municipal costs and generates developer profits.

Shoreland management - 2 web sites with technical and educational resources for protecting lakes and rivers
Easy access to a wealth of information for people who make everyday decisions that impact Minnesota's lakes and rivers.

Stormwater Best Management Practices
Four manuals written for Minnesota aimed at improving land use and the local ecology, and cutting costs and pollution.

Sustainable Lakes Planning Workbook
This excellent resource from Minnesota Waters (formerly Minnesota Lakes Association) is useful for those planning for sustainable lake management.

US EPA water web site
One-stop web site for information about water resources and water quality.

Water Conservation -
A site that contains plenty of useful links, tips, and statistics to increase water conservation.

Water Environment Research Foundation
WERF is the largest organization in the US that provides wastewater and water quality research. The web site provides information about watersheds, stormwater, and human health.

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