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Dave Van Hattum

Policy Director
Transit for Livable Communities
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Advanced Transportation Fuels & Vehicle Technologies
A summary of alternative fuels and technologies in use throughout Minnesota and some of the users.

Green Car Guide
An on-line and print consumer guide provides the first-ever comprehensive environmental ratings for all cars, vans, pickups, and sport utility vehicles sold in the US.

Housing and Transportation Affordability Index
A 2006 study using the Twin Cities as a pilot location created a housing and transportation affordability index - now online - that prices trade-offs households make between housing and transportation costs, and shows carbon emissons by household.

Minnesota Bicycle Transportation Planning, Maps and Design Guidelines
These guidelines provide information regarding design factors and maintenance of bikeways, the bicycle network planning process, on-road designs, paths, bridges and grade separations, traffic controls, and bike parking.

On-Demand Ridesharing
The St. Paul Transportation Management Organization brought the nation's first incentive-based ride network, a national web-based organization called NuRide, to the seven-county Twin Cities metro area. Also read about iPhone ridesharing software.

Telecommuting Resources
A number of resources, web sites and organizations exist providing more information about telecommuting.

Traffic Calming
A searchable database of techniques and projects from the Institute of Transportation Engineers, the MN Local Road Research Board, and principles and photos from the Project for Public Spaces.

Transportation Demand Management and Commuter Options in the Twin Cities
This guidebook documents travel demand management (TDM) best practices in the Twin Cities and around the country, and proposes effective strategies.

Walking and Biking in Minnesota
Opportunities abound for routine walking and biking, for commuting, shopping and recreation, which have many benefits that can help to create a sense of community, reduce pollution, make us healthier, and reduce the need for road expansion.

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8/21 -9/1 Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair
8/26 Dinner and Bikes with Elly Blue and Joe Biel
9/1 -11/1 2014 Green Apple Season of Service
9/21 St. Paul Open Streets
9/24 -11/19 Frontiers in the Environment: Can We Build a More Resilient Food Distribution System?

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GreenPOWER Green Generalist Job Training Workshop
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