Topic: Land Use
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Land Use

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Affordable Housing and Better Neighborhoods
A 92-page book and 2007 home construction drawings are available to assist in building well-designed affordable single family homes (1-4 units) while creating livable neighborhoods.

Better Site Design: A Handbook for Changing Development Rules in Your Community
22 model guidelines for development and protection of watersheds.

Economic Benefits of Parks and Open Space
3 studies on how land conservation helps communities grow smart and protect the bottom line.

Green Neighborhood Certification
A new rating system, LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND), integrates the principles of smart growth, new urbanism, and green building into the first national standard for neighborhood design.

Habitation Patterns & Zoning Codes
The book "A Pattern Language," the transect and its associated model zoning code, the SmartCode, are powerful design guidelines to use in bringing about vibrant built communities.

Livability 101: What Makes a Community Livable?
This online publication shows what works for communities across the country, and offers useful rules of thumb for citizens, architects and other professionals working to make cities more livable.

Placemaking: Tools for Community Action
An on-line guide with links to computer-based planning tools that can enhance public participation in decision-making, and smart growth technical assistance from 1000 Friends of Minnesota.

Sustainable Development Codes & Ordinances, including: MN Model Ordinances for Sustainable Development
Several excellent local and national storehouses of sustainable development codes and ordinances for communities.

Transit-Oriented Development Guidebook
Provides implementation details specific to Minnesota for creating vibrant land use patterns supportive of transit ridership, walking, pedestrian activity and the needs of daily life.

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Worth noting
Interplay Between the Built and the Social Environments The first focus of traditional neighborhood design is to understand the way in which design and placement of buildings can support residents and small businesses in the creation of social capital, that essential reservoir of resilience and innovation for communities. - Ray Gindroz, Urban Design Associates (Pittsburgh).

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8/6 Greening Vacant Properties (EPA webinar)
8/7 MPRB Ecological System Plan - Community Advisory Committee Meetings
8/7 MPRB Ecological System Plan - Community Advisory Committee Meetings
8/8 Great River Greening Night with the St. Paul Saints
8/20 Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Grants: Opportunities to Align and Leverage Partnership Investments (EPA Webinar)
8/21 -9/1 Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair
8/23 Cooperative Solutions, A Convergence for a Just and Sustainable Economy
8/27 MPRB Ecological System Plan - Community Advisory Committee Meetings
9/1 -11/1 2014 Green Apple Season of Service
9/3 Green Infrastructure and Smart Growth (EPA webinar)
9/5 -9/6 Lake Superior Wilderness Conference
9/19 Happy Dancing Turtle Resilent Action Day
9/24 -11/19 Frontiers in the Environment: Can We Build a More Resilient Food Distribution System?
9/27 Stacking and Seeding

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MCAD Sustainable Design Online Courses & Related Film Series
Quarterly meeting -- Embrace Open Space/Regional Greenways Collaborative
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EcoTuesday Minneapolis
MN Master Naturalists West Metro Chapter Meeting
IATP's Percolate Discussion Series at the Peace Coffee Shop - Wonderland Park
GreenPOWER Green Generalist Job Training Workshop

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