Action Search

Action Search

NextStep's Action Search function allows users to actually locate resources that would be related to actions that they are interested in taking. With an Action Search, users can find resources that have been categorized by their potential usefulness for the following various purposes as related to the search topic:

  1. Resources that can help you with taking concrete next steps in your community regarding the search topic.
  2. Resources to learn more general information about the search topic.
  3. Resources that might be useful in teaching others about the search topic.
  4. Resources about recent advances in the search topic.
  5. Resources that could be useful for measurement and analysis for the search topic.

For example, users could search for "wetland restoration" and select the option for taking concrete next steps regarding this topic in their community. Such a search should result in specific tools such as grants/loans, manuals, software, directories, etc.

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