Resource: Chemical Sensitivity
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Title: Chemical Sensitivity
Resource type: Organization
Topics: Buildings, Individual Choices
Keywords: multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), toxic chemicals, health
Audience: Government, Citizens, Nonprofit
Region: Minnesota Statewide
Summary: A variety of resources exist on the topic of chemical sensitivity in people.
Content: These include one Minnesota organization and several national groups:

The Women's Environmental Institute at Amador Hill, Minnesota (, though not focused on MCS, assists communities to take a broad pollution prevention and precautionary approach to toxic chemicals in communities and toxic chemical injury.

The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation( is a nonprofit organization that works to raise public awareness about multiple chemical sensitivity. Their web site contains a 15-minute documentary about chemical sensitivity, as well as links to other resources.

The Chemical Injury Information Network ( is a support and advocacy organization dealing with multiple chemical sensitivities. It states that "it is run by the chemically injured for the benefit of the chemically injured, and focuses primarily on education, credible research into MCS, and the empowerment of the chemically injured."

Atlanta HEAL - Human Ecology Action League - whose web site is located at It is an educational and support group for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and other environmental illness.

MCS Referral & Resources, a non-profit organization engaged in professional outreach, patient support and public advocacy devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, accommodation and prevention of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity disorders maintains a web site at which contains a variety of resources on the topic, though they appear to be infrequently updated, as the organization is run by volunteers.

Suggested by: Philipp Muessig
Added: 06/5/02
Updated: 05/31/11