Resource: High Performance Buildings Report
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Title: High Performance Buildings Report
Resource type: Report/study
Topics: Buildings, Energy, Statewide/Global
Keywords: high-performance buildings, buildings, daylighting
Audience: All
Region: Minnesota Statewide
Summary: This report was published in 2002 about high-performance buildings in Minnesota.
Content: High performance buildings, also called by some green or sustainable buildings, cost less to build and operate than conventional buildings, raise labor productivity, and improve human health and the environment. High performance buildings are the result of an integrated design approach that "tunnels through" what are seen by conventional building designers as cost barriers to "building green."

A January 2002 well-documented and thorough 32-page report on high performance buildings was prepared by Rolf Nordstrom, then a staff member of MN Planning's Critical Issue Team. The report focuses on opportunities with publicly-funded (and particularly state-funded) buildings. The printed and web-based report serves as a primer and call-to-action for anyone promoting better and cheaper building practices by local and state governments.

The State of Minnesota oversees more than 6,000 properties and 73 million square feet of space, with a replacement value of over $7 billion. Rolf's critical issue report shows how siting, design, construction, operation maintenance, renovation and demolition of state-funded buildings can have significant impacts on the cost of government, the productivity of employees, and on the state's economy and environment.

The report includes the following sections:

* Defining high performance buildings

* The predesign phase of building

* 10 high performance state building goals

* Implications for Minnesota's schools

* Local and state government building case studies

* Summary of 13 local governments' green building programs

* 8 State and 9 Federal efforts (web links to programs here)

* Lessons from 20 years of high performance building in Europe

* Guidelines and rating systems

* The private sector

* 2001 Legislative Session update

* Glossary

* Recommendations for changing policies, building processes

* Sources

This report is available online at the web page below. Paper copies of the report are also available free from the MPCA's Learning Resource Center and Library at 651/757-2120or 800/877-6300 or by sending an e-mail to

Suggested by: Paul Moss
Added: 02/26/02
Updated: 07/27/11