Resource: Earthwise Foods
Title: Earthwise Foods
Resource type: Case study
Topics: Agriculture
Keywords: non-GMO, organic farming, identity-preserved, sustainable farming
Audience: All
Region: Northwest
Summary: The partners of this Crookston farm are betting on the future of identity-preserved, non-GMO and organic crops.
Content: The growing demand for non-GMO crops is a market niche Earthwise Foods hopes to fill. They value their organic operation for its sustainability, along with the economic and health concerns that prompted them to seek an alternative farming approach. For now, a small retail package of roasted soy nuts is the most tangible manifestation of that approach, but the package points to a larger vision - the world market for organic and identity-preserved grain.

A detailed case study can be found on the web site, which showcases a wide variety of outstanding examples of people working to enhance their rural communities in Minnesota and elsewhere. To access this case study, just click on "Stories" on the left menu, then search for "Earthwise Foods" using the search function.

Organization: Renewing the Countryside
Suggested by: Joni Vincent
Added: 02/18/02
Updated: 07/22/11