Resource: Earthen Path Organic Farm
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Title: Earthen Path Organic Farm
Resource type: Case study
Topics: Agriculture, Ecosystems, Energy, Individual Choices, Land Use
Keywords: organic farming, alternative farming, permaculture, cover crops, solar power, wind power
Audience: All
Region: Southeast
Summary: On 14 acres in the hill and coulee country above the Mississippi River in southeastern Minnesota, the owners of this unique organic farm are involved in an innovative and creative approach to farming in an era dominated by the industrial model.
Content: The farming methods used on Earthen Path Organic Farm are comprised of a holistic, diverse system. Crops are grown using permaculture and annual cropping strategies. Through the use of cover cropping of many different species of plant, and solar and wind power as primary power sources, Earthen Path Organic Farm actually rebuilds and enriches the soil and replenishes vital nutrients to the plants. In an effort to use as little fossil fuel and non-renewable energy sources as possible, draft horses are a common sight in the fields.

A detailed case study can be found on the web site, which showcases a wide variety of outstanding examples of people working to enhance their rural communities in Minnesota and elsewhere. To access this case study, just click on "Stories" on the left menu, then search "Earthen Path" using the search function.

More about Earthen Path Organic Farm can be found at

Organization: Renewing the Countryside
Suggested by: Joni Vincent
Added: 02/18/02
Updated: 07/22/11