Resource: The New Colonist - sustainability issue
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Title: The New Colonist - sustainability issue
Resource type: Web Site
Topics: Buildings, Communities, Energy, Individual Choices, Land Use
Keywords: sustainability, urban, cities
Audience: All
Region: Minnesota Statewide, Outside Minnesota
Summary: The New Colonist is web-based publication targeted at people who live in and love cities.
Content: The February 2002 issue of the web-based New Colonist was dedicated to the theme of "The Sustainable City." This issue included two editorials ("A Paradigm for Sustainability" and "Sustainability: A Tall Order") as well as articles entitled "Chicago Faces the Future", "High-Tech House Serves as a Symbol for a Sustainable Pittsburgh," "Fuel Cell Futility," and more. To read these articles, click on "Features" on left menu of the web site below, then click on "Theme Issues", and then click on articles under "The Sustainable City."

The New Colonist is targeted at people who live in and love cities, and it "seeks to showcase some of what's good about life in our cities." Its editors believe that "the new territory for today's new colonists are our once-neglected cities, which are being remade into rich and vibrant communities by old residents and new who have rediscovered the possibilities offered by urban neighborhoods." Theme issues of the on-line magazine have included, among others:

* Carfree Cities

* Food in the City

* Small Towns

* Urban Rivers

Suggested by: Paul Moss
Added: 02/12/02
Updated: 07/27/11