Resource: Resilient Communities Project 2013 - 2014
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Title: Resilient Communities Project 2013 - 2014
Resource type: Program/project
Topics: Communities
Keywords: community sustainability, sustainability assistance
Audience: All
Region: Minnesota Statewide
Summary: This program will provide a partner community with efficient access to the broad base of sustainability expertise at the University of Minnesota.
Content: The following language is adapted from the web site below:

The Resilient Communities Project (RCP) is now accepting proposals from cities and counties to be the community partner for 2013-2014.

RCP is a year-long partnership between the University of Minnesota and one local community in Minnesota. Through the partnership, students and faculty from across the University collaborate with the partner community to address its self-defined sustainability-related needs through course-based projects. The collaboration results in on-the-ground impact and momentum for a community working toward a more sustainable and livable future.

RCP provides the partner community with efficient access to the broad base of sustainability expertise at the University of Minnesota by matching community-identified projects with graduate and upper-level undergraduate courses that can address the needs of the community. The partner community supports the effort through dedicated staff time and a local funding contribution.

RCP has the capacity to address 15 - 30 local projects during the partnership year, matching each project with one or more courses to complete the necessary work. Project work will be completed primarily by graduate students, with direct oversight by faculty members and RCP staff.

Expertise is available related to all aspects of sustainability (e.g., environmental health, economic opportunity, social equity, and community livability) and all stages of sustainability efforts (analysis, planning, design, implementation, and evaluation).

RCP serves communities addressing sustainability at the local or regional scale. Cities, counties, and clusters of communities along a transportation corridor, around a regional center, or within a watershed are eligible to apply. To minimize travel time and costs, applicant communities should ideally be located within a two-hour drive of Minneapolis. Communities located further away from Minneapolis may be considered if additional funds are contributed for overnight travel costs.

Deadline for proposals: February 15, 2013 at 4:30 pm

Visit the RCP website below for a complete RFP packet and more information on how to apply.

Suggested by: Paul Moss
Added: 12/3/12
Updated: 12/31/12