Resource: Unique Innovations Sustainability Management
Title: Unique Innovations Sustainability Management
Resource type: Business
Topics: Buildings, Business, Communities, Energy, Individual Choices, Statewide/Global, Transportation
Keywords: green building, high performance building, green business, solar energy, solar
Audience: All
Region: Minnesota Statewide, Outside Minnesota
Summary: UISM is a centralized resource for eco-friendly energy resources for business, government, and individuals, with strong focus on fleet and facilities management.
Content: UISM provides environmentally-friendly cutting-edge energy generation, energy-conservation, and energy maximization products. Our product suite currently includes:

* Fuel Efficiency: products for gasoline and diesel engines for fleets and individuals
* Lubricants: food-safe and kid-safe lubricants
* Batteries: deep-charge lead-acid battery restoration and reconditioning
* LED Lighting: for incandescent, fluorescent, and street lighting
* Wind Energy: vertical access wind turbines
* Electric Motors: commercial and industrial efficiency solutions.

This product list is constantly expanding as more manufacturers discover how effectively our international team of sales brokers and agents connects with prospective clients that can benefit from a our comprehensive solutions.

Our support team includes sales, installation, consulting, technical, and educational support professionals in the US and Canada and many regions in North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Suggested by: Lin Combs
Added: 01/15/09
Updated: 07/21/11