Resource: Big House/Small Lot Shoreland Ordinance
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Title: Big House/Small Lot Shoreland Ordinance
Resource type: Ordinances/rules
Topics: Buildings, Water
Keywords: monster houses, McMansions, run-off, sustainable lakes, vacation homes, year-round homes
Audience: Government
Region: Northwest
Summary: Becker County commissioners adopted an ordinance in 2008 that allows people to rebuild on nonconforming (smaller) lots, but requires stormwater runoff mitigations.
Content: Concern about lake runoff from the replacement of cabins/cottages with large houses and urban amenities on small lots drove creation this ordinance. It replaces the more time-consuming variance process now used to approve cabin replacements, which had few stormwater approval standards. See the web page below for a 6-page worksheet on the mitigations, which include:

* Restoring shoreline vegetative buffers
* Re-establishing shoreline berms
* Disposing of roof drainage on site
* Using a porous paver system instead of an asphalt or gravel driveway
* Removing impervious surface in the shore impact zone.

Suggested by: Philipp Muessig
Added: 09/26/08
Updated: 08/12/11