Resource: Planning and Policy about Minnesota's Water Resources
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Title: Planning and Policy about Minnesota's Water Resources
Resource type: Organization
Topics: Agriculture, Communities, Land Use, Statewide/Global, Water
Keywords: planning, policy, goals, long-range, water resources, water planning
Audience: All
Region: Minnesota Statewide
Summary: Minnesota Watermarks is the latest state water plan, including goals and objectives for 2000-2010.
Content: Minnesota Watermarks, Gauging the Flow of Progress 2000 - 2010 heralds the start of a 10-year process toward unifying water management in Minnesota. It contains 4 major goals, 9 objectives, and indicators to measure results. It can be found at

See for information about the 2010 Statewide Water Plan.

The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board also has prepared reports summarizing how goals set forth in the 1990 water plan were achieved, the status of water supply and wastewater treatment in Minnesota, and sustainable land use planning. Some of these reports can be found at the web site below or at

For more details on water supply see "Minnesota's Water Supply: Natural Conditions and Human Impacts," an information paper, available online at: - under "Booklets and Documents" or directly at

In the Twin Cities metropolitan area, see the Metropolitan Area Master Water Supply Plan at or contact Christopher Elvrum,
Manager, Water Supply Planning, See also on this web page links to the Metro Groundwater Model, a template for community water supply plans, and a water conservation toolbox, which includes programs for water suppliers and model ordinances.

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