Resource: Transit For Livable Communities Fact Sheets
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Title: Transit For Livable Communities Fact Sheets
Resource type: Fact sheet
Topics: Communities, Energy, Individual Choices, Land Use, Transportation
Keywords: induced travel, pedestrian-oriented, walking, busing, biking
Audience: All
Region: Twin Cities, Minnesota Statewide
Summary: St. Paul-based Transit for Livable Communities is a non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of life in Minnesota communities through a balanced transportation system that encourages transit, walking, biking, and transit-oriented development - a number of useful resources may be accessed on their web site.
Content: Transit for Livable Communities has produced a series of 2-page fact sheets, of which a number are available, including the following:

Driven to Spend: The average Twin Cities household spends 17 percent of its income on transportation. This is $1,500 more than the amount spent by the average U.S. household.

Transit Fares: Minneapolis and St. Paul have some of the highest transit fares in the country.

Transit Funding in Peer City Regions: Investment in public transit in the Twin Cities is 23 percent lower than the average spent in peer regions.

Highway Lane Miles: The Twin Cities have more highway lane miles per capita than cities like Los Angeles and Detroit.

Sources of Funding for Transit in Peer Regions: A dedicated sales tax is the funding mechanism of choice in most regions.

To receive a hard copy of one or more of the fact sheets, contact TLC at 651/767-0298 or

Many other transit-related documents from TLC are also available for free download from the web site's Resources page at:

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