Resource: Shalom Hill Farm (SHF) Rural Retreat Center
Title: Shalom Hill Farm (SHF) Rural Retreat Center
Resource type: Case study
Topics: Agriculture, Buildings, Business, Communities, Ecosystems, Energy, Individual Choices, Land Use, Water
Keywords: case study, landscape architecture
Audience: All
Region: Southwest, Minnesota Statewide
Summary: This conference center and farm demonstrate sustainable design.
Content: The September 2000 issue of Landscape Architecture, published by the American Society of Landscape Architects, described the Shalom Hill Farm (SHF), located on 26.5 acres in southwestern Minnesota near Windom. This conference center and farm provides a place for contact between rural and urban people, and a place for church leaders to experience rural living first hand. Shalom Hill Farm exposes participants to sustainable agricultural methods, alternative energy sources, and other principles for living lightly on the land.

SHF uses on-site resources to provide most of its basic energy and material needs. A woodlot provides fuel for woodstoves and masonry heaters. The rolling prairie landscape allows for earth-sheltering of buildings, natural daylighting, and the possibility for harnessing the wind's energy. The guest house tucks into the land, stepping downhill in three increments, a design that incorporates solar heating and passive cooling, and prevents obstruction of views of the landscape. A subsurface wetland treatment system treats sewage, allowing water to be reused for irrigation. Vegetables are grown organically at the farm. Seeds gathered annually from established prairie land are sown in areas disturbed by construction in an attempt to bring back the native prairie plants.

For more information contact the phone or e-mail addresses below, or contact the Farm's architects, Claremont Environmental Design Group (in Claremont,
CA) - CEDG's web site is

Organization: Shalom Hill Farm
Address: 42194 County Rd. 3
Windom, MN 56101
Phone: 507/831-2232
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