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Thank you for your interest in adding information to the NextStep site. Site users have the ability to add sustainability-related resources, calendar events, and job listings to NextStep, in the interest of promoting information exchange and networking on the topic of sustainability. Please note the site guidelines contained in the What is NextStep? section which outline the types of information appropriate for this site. The NextStep site administrator will regularly review and potentially remove posted information that does not conform with these guidelines.

Please also note the NextStep/MnSCN Privacy Statement. Those posting information to the site must provide their name and e-mail address to identify their posting, and this information will appear on the site, allowing other site users to potentially contact them.

Resources posted on the site will be reviewed for accuracy by NextStep every six months, modified as needed, and then extended for another six months (helping to assure that NextStep will feature up-to-date information). Calendar events and job listings will not be displayed after the date of the event or the closing date for job applications.

If you realize that you have made an error, if you wish to remove a resource that you have posted, or if you have any questions, please contact the NextStep site coordinator at for further assistance.

Thank you for your interest in NextStep and sustainability!

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Note: The online form has been a source of SPAM emails. While we work to address this problem, we ask that you simply email information about your resource.

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