NextStep Article: What is Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network (MnSCN)?

What is Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network (MnSCN)?

Increasing numbers of Minnesotans recognize that a transition to a more sustainable society is needed if we are to leave a healthy natural environment, a prosperous economy and vibrant communities for future generations. Many individuals and organizations throughout the state are working toward sustainability in areas as diverse as agriculture, waste management, energy, manufacturing, retail, urban planning, economic development, policy, housing, forestry, education, land use and transportation.

To support this work toward more sustainable communities, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is sponsoring the Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network (MnSCN) and this web site. The goal of MnSCN and this site is to encourage networking, information exchange, and better access to assistance. This network consists of an even mix of over 3,000 individuals, non-profit organizations, businesses, local governments, educational institutions, and other organizations in Minnesota (and bordering areas) who are interested in moving toward sustainability. MnSCN is open to all with an interest in sustainability. The site is focused on resources specific to Minnesota and on Minnesotans who are interested in moving toward sustainability. We encourage you to click on "Join MnSCN" on the lefthand toolbar to receive "MnSCN e-Updates."

For more information on the origins and educational/assistance model behind MnSCN, see the 12-page article, published in International Experiences on Sustainability (Peter Lang: 2002) and originally in Pollution Prevention Review (Autumn 2000), at